Business Customers giving you the run around when it comes to getting invoices paid?

Invoice whizz can help you get your outstanding Invoices paid and claim statutory compensation and Interest on any late paid or overdue Invoice.

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A systemised Penalty fee System.
A Proactive software and billing service.
Dynamic Invoice Builder.
Integrated Score System.
Integrated with Leading Accounting Software.
Who & What?
Create Custom & Dynamic Invoices Using Our Completely Automated Invoicing Software

Invoice whizz is a free software system which enables companies to create custom dynamic invoices

Any invoices that you create will update in real-time, send automated payment reminders and set intervals to prevent invoices from becoming overdue

Our system automatically calculates late fees based on statutory legislation and adds it to the invoice balance by generating a separate Late Invoice Demand which is linked to the overdue Invoice

Customers can then make payment via the Invoice ledger by simply following a link in any one of the overdue email reminders
SMS Notifications      Push Notifications

A Systemised Penalty Fee System.

By systemising your invoices so that they automatically incur late fees upon becoming overdue means business customers are more likely to pay their invoices before the Due date.

Invoice Whizz can send free push notifications to business customers which have outstanding invoices but not yet late to remind them of pending due dates. Once invoices do become late then SMS messages can be sent directly to the customers mobile phone to inform them of possible ramifications if they fail to make payment within a set number of days.
Business Growth      Challenged Invoices

A Proactive software and billing service.

If customers are made aware of pending penalties and the consequences of a late payment they are statistically more likely to make payment in full and less likely to challenge an Invoice which has incurred late fees.

Adopting our software from early in your business venture means most customers you bill will only ever know this system and will become accustomed to the way your billing and credit management system functions.

If you do have any queries regarding any billing formalities or how and/or why late fees have been incurred then we can answer any questions on your behalf. By externalising your invoicing and billing process means you do not have to deal with all the headaches and instead focus on growing your business as we answer all the hard questions and do all the legwork on your behalf.
Inovative Design      International Support

Dynamic Invoice Builder.

Our free SaaS Invoice builder lets you create striking invoices, quotes and credit notes to really wow your business customers and keep them at the top their priority list. Invoice whizz has built in features and nudge techniques to convert prospective business customers into long-term repeat customers which pay on time and in full every time to help your business grow and keep getting stronger.

Our builder can be accessed by anybody anywhere in the world and adjusted to account of different currencies i.e. pound, dollar or euro. Statutory payment legislation can be changed according to the rules and regs of that particular country and designed to incorporate the styling and brand identity of the invoice sender.
Business Reliability Score

Integrated Score System.

Our propriety Invoice score system has a unique algorithm which provides a score out of 180 based on the average payment performance of a business customer. The gauge can increase if a customer pays earlier than the due date; the higher the score, the closer payment is made to the original issue date and the lower the score based on how many days beyond terms payment was made.
Xero      Quickbooks      Freshbooks

Integrated with Leading Accounting Software.

If you use leading accounting and payroll software such as Xero, Quickbooks or Freshbooks you can easily connect your Free Invoicey account and port over all your Invoices and Late Paid Invoices with a click of a button. Simply create a free Invoicey Account and connect them instantly via the dashboard.
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Custom Invoice Builder
Free Dynamic Invoice Building Software.
Automated Payment Requests
Send structured emails at set intervals to request payment.
Late Payment Penalty Fees
Automatically add late fees to each overdue Invoice.
Recurring Billing
Set custom billing cycles which automatically send each month.
View Reports
See latest Invoice and Billing Analytics and receive detailed reports.
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